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Saturday 17 May 2003


9:00 - Let the games begin (Solar1)
Opening Ceremonies - an introduction by our host for the weekend and an invitation to all the activities that will entertain and amuse throughout the festival.




Saturday 17 May 2003


9:30 - Yard Sale and Auction




Items listed for auction by Kaverns participants. Let's have some serious things (like an hour in the furs by our resident Masculinity) and some not so serious items like cilla{KK}'s alcove key set in bronze for memorabilia. Please be sure to allow plenty of advance notification as we will be posting the entries as they arrive.


Enter the Yard Sale and Auction ---->HERE

Special Note: Please remember to title your email accordingly.



Saturday 17 May 2003


11:00 - Story Telling and Poetry Sharing


 Anatazia - anika{CH}


Register in advance to share your short story or poetry. All submissions need to be your personal work. Keep the stories to a 15-20 minute posting time. This allows for a greater selection of guests' sharing.


Register ---->HERE

Special Note: Please remember to title your email accordingly.




Saturday 17 May 2003


11:00 - Rabble Rousing!


Throughout the evening and into Sunday morning, the Kaverns will host revelry, partying, and playfulness. But then again, this is Gor and that's the norm for the Kaverns!!!



Sunday 18 May 2003


2:00 a.m. - The Amazing Maggi! 


Our lovely and mysterious Maggi will be offering to read the party goers tarot cards - seek her out - IF you dare!


Register for Tarot Card readings ---->HERE

Special Note: Please remember to title your email accordingly.


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