Create a Hat Contest!

Help! Master Saxus is in trouble.
He went on vacation and left all His hats in Kalamazoo or Schendi or something!
Now He needs new hats, and lots of them too.
For all you graphic artists out there, copy the "crown"

save to your favorite editing program, and go crazy.
Add color. Add texture. Add jewelry!
Make the zaniest hat. Originality will be judged.

And for all you who conceptualize art in textual format,
write the most beautiful preparation of a hat you can create.
There is a 6 post maximum for this event, so color your world with words,
and make Master Saxus a gift He will not soon forget.

This is a judged event. Send your entries to Dahra @ Crazy Hat Contest Registration
Winners will be announced at the closing ceremonies on October 1, 2005.

to be announced