Se'Var Festival
dance rules

The dance theme is "Giving!" and will be held on two nights, Thursday and Friday, December 15th and 16th. Each night will begin at 8:00 p.m. EST
ALL slaves, including our own, are invited to register.
Dancers will compete with their complete name at the time of the dance.
Deadline for registration is Saturday, December 10, 2005.

We will host 3 categories - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

The beginner level is for girl's with no experience or have entered 2 or fewer dance contents and never won a place in those contests.

The intermediate (this dancer has danced in three or more competitions,
having never danced Advanced, nor having won a prize in more than one contest);

The advanced level is for girls who have danced often, have entered in more than three competitions and have been awarded a dance prize or prizes.

Times and dates for specific levels will be announced closer to the Festival. All dancers will need to report to #Kaverns_antechamber 30 minutes before their dance level begins.

NOTE: Changing of names and/or collars does not "begin a girl again" in competition...slaves are to be honest in their entries about their dance abilities.

The dance will be no more than 10 posts in length. Concise clear beauty can be shared in such a dance. Any dance style is permitted, including a story dance.

Dances will be judged on creativity, Gorean quality, and basic grammar.

Any questions regarding the dance, please email

All dancers in collar must have Owner's permission to dance before registering, please.

Again..all registrations must be submitted to the following email: Registration/Questions

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