Koroban Kaverns is pleased to announce
 a very different type of dance competition
 being held during this first month of the new year.

 "New Beginnings"
will be open to dancers of all levels and divided into different divisions:

Beginner (a girl who has never danced or a girl who has danced in no more than 2 contests and did not win a prize in either dance competition);
 Intermediate (this dancer has danced in three or more competitions, having never danced Advanced, nor having won a prize in  more than one contest);
 Advanced (a Gorean dancer who has danced often, has entered in more than three competitions and has been awarded a dance prize or prizes).  NOTE:  Changing of names and/or collars does not "begin a girl again" in competition... slaves are to be honest in their entries about their dance abilities.

What makes this dance competition different from others?
This is, essentially, a 'write-in' dance contest,
thereby alleviating the nerves so many new dancers experience during a contest when dancing "live".  

The dancers will be asked to write and send their dances to KKEntry@yahoo.com during the month of January at which time the individual dances will be posted to a website for only the "New Beginnings" Judges to read and score. The Judges will not see nor know the names of the dancers and will be impartial in Their scoring. On Sunday, January 30th, all the dances will be available on the Koroban Kaverns website for everyone to read and enjoy.

On the evening of Sunday, January 30th, Koroban Kaverns will host "New Beginnings", an evening of dance, when the third thru first place winners of all divisions of dancers will perform for the enjoyment of all in attendance.  Any dancer who sent in a dance to the competition, whether placing in the final nine dancers or not, will be given an award for their dance and recognized during the evening. Gorean Portal Radio, Koroban Kaverns' faithful friends for contests and festivals, will broadcast the dances live that evening.

 Each dancer should write a dance no longer than 12 stanzas.  If you use the phrase 'la kajira' to signal the end of the dance, please incorporate it into the 12 stanzas.  Any dances longer than 12 stanzas will be automatically disqualified.

 Dancers are encouraged to use Gorean themes, Gor references, and to incorporate music (this is a dance, afterall) into their dances.  The theme of "New Beginnings" is encouraged to be used.

 Dancers are asked to spell check their dances and to check dances for 'cut-off' in a channel before sending the dance for posting.  The judges will be told whether or not the posted dance "cuts" and where the cut happens. Points will be deducted for cut-off.

 Dancers must provide written permission of their Owner(s) to dance in the festival and compete in the competition.  Please have Owners email KKentry@yahoo.com with permission or provide Their email address for confirmation with your entry.

 Dancers should send their dances in .txt format to KKentry@yahoo.com with the level of their dance, their homestone, their Owner(s) name and email address for confirmation of permission. 

 Once a dance has been sent to KKentry@yahoo.com, no changes and/or revisions can be made to the dance.  All dances will be "blind entries" without the name of the dancer posted.

 No exceptions will be made to allow dancers to see other dancers' dances before the evening of January 30th.

 The last day that dances will be accepted is Friday, January 28th at 5pm EST. No dances received to KKentry@yahoo.com will be judged for the competition after that date. All dances are to be new for this competition and not to have been danced in any competition before.

 You will receive a confirmation letter from KKentry that your dance has been received.  Do not expect to hear anything more from Koroban Kaverns regarding whether or not your dance has won one of the nine final places until the evening of Sunday, January 30th.  All dancers should plan to show-up for the "New Beginnings" dance festival at 7:45 pm EST on the evening of the dance and be prepared to dance, should your dance have won.

 "New Beginnings" will be held on Sunday, January 30th from 8 - 10 pm EST in #Koroban_ Kaverns on irc.bondage.com    All dances entered in the competition will be posted on the Koroban Kaverns website following the "New Beginnings" festival.  www.angelfire.com/falcon/koroban_kaverns

 Please email ah`lana{Ty}, Festivities coordinator at Koroban Kaverns, with any questions or comments or reach her online by botmail or send her a PM.  ah`lana{Ty} can be emailed at KKentry@yahoo.com 

To enter the dance contest
or for further information,
please send email to