Our Congratulations

To the winners of


:: The Dance Festival ::

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners on their wonderful performances on the evening of, February 1st, 2003. Each and every one of the girl's brought to light an emotional and stirring dance and each and every one, revealing the inner beauty of La Kajira!

caro{dc}'s Dance - Beginners: Frist Place

caro{dc} thoughts roam from the Kaverns to another place... fragrance of pine drifts up to the pensive slave, as silent feet thread a path through the darken forest, gentle fingertips bend to touch sweet nectar of the dew dampened ground, mist covered branches glisten like diamonds in the morning light, haunting sounds of slave bells chime the girl's graceful presence, as white silks billow in the breeze {dc}

caro{dc} howling winds travel through the thick forest causing the girl’s heart to pound, dark eyes peek beneath thick lashes, as ebony strands of hair caress silky cheeks, crystal tears shimmer over the silky skin of a graceful nymph, voluptuous breasts heave slightly with each breath as the girl feels the deep desire within, searching for the one true force that can set the slave free {dc}

caro{dc} sweeps to bended knees, as pounding fists beat upon the fertile soil, eyes darken as the fire surges through the slaves veins, brows furrow feeling the loss of control within, knees shiver on dew covered ground, as the girl arches up slowly extending arms upward to weave an enraged pattern above the dark head, tiny hands reach up and grasp full breasts as a cry of despair escapes dry parched lips {dc}

caro{dc} peeks up through thick lashes searching the green expanse that lies ahead, dark eyes seeking what the slave heart yearns for, the girl's slender fingers reach forth grasping at empty air, white silks stretch taunt across up thrust breast, as the girl's skin shimmers in the morning light, emotions burst forth from within, taking flight on wings of an eagle {dc}

caro{dc} arches back upward, causing ample breasts to press against the silken fabric, tan legs stretch as toes point upward, gliding on soft delicate feet the girl spins up and twirls as slave bells chime, white silks billow around taut thighs, as fingertips trace an enticing design in the air as hope builds within a slave’s heart {dc}

caro{dc} clouds part as light breaks forth through the forest foliage revealing a large form, the slave's eyes raise to behold the enticing figure that fills one's gaze, a soft gasp escapes the subtle lips of the graceful girl... the slave heart knows {dc}

caro{dc} eyes flair as the girl dares to look up to him, within him is the freedom the slave belly aches for, the force one has been searching for now within the girl's grasp, total release is to be enslaved by such a Man that is before the girl, he can give the freedom one craves, dark lidded eyes lower accepting a slave's submission, slave bells fall silent {dc}

caro{dc} collapses on bended knees, tanned thighs slide together as white silks swirl and strain against full breasts, slender arms weave above dark haired girl as the slave's back arches perfectly, sliding forward, palms against the forest ground the girl places forehead against damp foliage, full luscious breast press to the soil in total submission, ankles cross as a girl gives all to the Master, caro is his {dc}

~La Kajira!~


Congratulations, girl!

desiree{KK}'s Dance - Beginners: Second Place



desiree{KK} whimpers as she kneels quivering in muted rage, fiery tresses locked in the Master's grasp as He clips the chain to her ko-lar and steps back, deep golden eyes flashing in anger as He commands her to dance, tugging firmly at the chain bound about her helpless form

desiree{KK} 's small hands tug frantically at the chains as she lifts her face up, the wrath once felt melting away as a strange new light fills her softly misted eyes, as they open, unseeing as the music lifts her, seeps within her to blend with the chill of his chains, their rough caress a cruel and insistant reminding kiss against warm yeilding flesh of her weakness

desiree{KK} a hand touches her thigh, her head snaps about with a soft low growl, the unwanted touch of another Master searing silken flesh, bridging the wall of contempt as it stirs the heat of a slaves belly, beckoning her as the taunting voices of Men delve deeply, the pulse of slave need visible, throbbing in the soft hollow of her throat, twists her lithe form with languid ease

desiree{KK} the chain catches about her ankles, a reminder to her of her enslavement even as she frees her feet, she only to roll into the hot gasping hand of another Master, He takes a firm grasp of her creamy lush breast, a roar of pleased laughter drowns the music for a moment

desiree{KK} pulls back, panting in absolute fear, anger runs across her pale features, hands clutch at the chain for protection now, holding its cold hardness to her, panting as she kneels her body swaying, crying out in heated fury, she realizes her body sways from the need

desiree{KK} heat building deep within her, she tries to throw the chain away and run, only to find the Master expertly move the chain to catch her from ko-lar to heaving breasts to sensitive ivory belly and under her lush creamy thighs, a delightful image for All about her as she is forced to raise a leg high over the now taught chain, displaying her true fury, the fury of a slave

desiree{KK} the fury of a slave lost in the denial of her need, a denial she must face, inside herself and before All, she grasps the chain and holds it to her body, playing it over hard thrust nipples

desiree{KK} lush full breasts, just begging to please the Master's lips and pillow Him at night, begging His protection now she teases the cold chain farther to her thighs and belly, displaying her burning slave belly and delectable slave heat, her slave need clear on her thighs

desiree{KK} making the chain slick as she moves to Him, going to her knees, holding the chain to her belly heart she kneels before Him, begging Him, pleading with Him as she looks at the Other. The Master points to the ground at His feet. drops before the Master, to her belly, her wrists cross behind her, and then her ankles follow suite, a single tear falls to the tiles. girl am Yours...
~La Kajira!~


Congratulations, girl!

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