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To the winners of


:: The Dance Festival ::

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners on their wonderful performances on the evening of, February 1st, 2003. Each and every one of the girl's brought to light an emotional and stirring dance and each and every one, revealing the inner beauty of La Kajira!

Exhibition Dance by - clarissa{S} and sa`ryn{Ty}

sa`ryn{Ty}> »Ty« statuesque frame rises, stepping softly upon bare feet, curvaceous hips sway deeply, toes curling within the warm sands, slender arms stretch high to feel the heat of Lar Torvis, quivering belly tightens, toned left leg bends slightly, lifting heal from the grains, head falls back to cascade dark golden locks over delicate shoulders »Ty«

clarissa{S}> »§« lifts from kneel in flawless grace, a small hand tossing honeyed mane behind her to drizzle in satin glory down a sleek spine, slinking towards the sand pit, firelight caressing the sweet flesh of sculpted curves, stepping within the shimmering grains, tiny hands stroking over her waiting sister's shoulders as she presses luscious breasts into her back »§«

sa`ryn{Ty}> »Ty« presses head back against clari's shoulder, hand lifting slowly to caress her cheek, delicate chin turning to place a sensual kiss upon her lips, hips grinding ass back against clari, free hand lowering to find hers, fingers entwine as she presses palm to hip, a soft murmur of pleasure slips free with the warmth of her sister pressed against her »Ty«

clarissa{S}> »§« shivers softly from the flesh now against her, a tender moan released into the scalding heat of her sister's lips against her own, tiny fingers entwined as a palm caresses over ryn's shapely hip, undulating into her velvet buttocks as she guides her small hand to her sister's molten belly, pulling her tighter against as her own fire begins to rage within »§«

sa`ryn{Ty}> »Ty« head falls forward, soft tresses cascade to hide gentle features, lips parted slightly with pleasure at her touch, gently guiding her hand lower to rest close to smooth mound, body arching back against clari again, grinding harder against her heated flesh, feet parting slightly wider within the sand, moistness of passion glistening upon inner thighs »Ty«

clarissa{S}> »§« whimpers softly as the kiss breaks, hazed orbs of liquid emeralds looking to the beauty against her, a heated breath released from cherried lips, feeling a small hand lead closer to her sister's blazing center, hips instinctively grinding forward as her free hand glides around her, cupping the heavy weight of ryn's succulent breast, trembling in rising hunger as she draws the girl tighter to her »§«

sa`ryn{Ty}> »Ty« trembles feeling her touch, nipples stiffen within ivory rings, breasts lifting with each tortured breath, hips undulate and grind, turning within clari's hold, pools of blue filled with fire and passion gaze upon the beauty, fingers tease lightly along heated flesh, small tongue peeks out between crimson lips, leaning close to leave a sensual kiss upon her delicious mouth »Ty«

clarissa{S}> »§« gazes upon her as the sweet beast within her embrace turns to her, tiny fingers teasing to her waist, gliding upward as hips naturally seek the feel of flesh once more, curls of spun gold swaying over sumptuous buttocks from the heated gyrations of a wanton creature, quivering from ryn's touch, breath a warm flutter against her satin lips, silver hoops dancing over ivory rings as marbled peeks caress »§«

sa`ryn{Ty}> »Ty« breath catches as bodies caress, fingernails drag teasingly along clari's creamy flesh, outlining the sides of round breasts, teasing taut belly before trailing lower over rounded hips, a soft whimper slips free, taking her soft lip between teeth, fingers moving lower to disappear along the folds of clari's moist heat »Ty«

clarissa{S}> »§« draws a shattered breath as nails caress porcelain globes of heaving breasts, head falling back to lavish buttocks in flaxen ringlets, velvet lip quivers in ryn's pearly teeth, her steadiness quickly leaving as she feels her sister's hand press upon glistening petals of slave flower, spine falling against the hardness of pole in desperate search of support, feet parting in unabashed plea for more »§«

sa`ryn{Ty}> »Ty« molding heated flesh against clari, feeling her body arching to the hard shaft, gently lifting clari's shapely leg to curl about undulating hips, aching nipples swollen against hers, fingers continue their exploration, parting moist silken petals, thumb catching stiffened clit, full sensual lips parting to hers in a devouring fiery kiss, tongue delving deep to dance with its partner »Ty«

clarissa{S}> »§« trembles in mesmerized need, sleek leg lifted by her sister to wrap around her hip, locking to her curves to pull her closer instinctively, spine arching in feline magnificence to crush luminous breasts tighter, torrent passions swelling dangerously as she feels her sister's delving fingers, the wee creature grasping at ryn's shoulders as she begins to grind shamelessly to her touch, lost in the kiss »§«

sa`ryn{Ty}> »Ty« growls softly into the kiss, own heat clenching with delight at her response, slowly breaking the kiss, azure eyes clouded with hunger, free hand lifting to caress clari's milky globe, gently lifting it, lips leaving a trail of sensual kisses, catching the silver ring between them, tongue flickers over swollen nipple, fingers press deep within the her warmth »Ty«

clarissa{S}> »§« whimpers as the kiss again leaves her searching lips, tongue flitting over the rubbied gleam as jade pools look to her, raging flames of quivering belly mirrored in their liquid depths, tiny fingers clutching in ryn's golden mane as her mouth sets a trail of fire on alabaster flesh, crying out in sharp gasp as fingers enter molten treasures, thrusting forward in serpentine arch of captivated hunger »§«

sa`ryn{Ty}> »Ty« lifts head slowly, releasing pert nipple, tongue runs slowly over sensual lips as pools of blue gaze upon the beauty before her, fingers easing from hidden warmth, lifting glistening tips to whisper a touch to clari's berried lips, pressing a longing kiss to her mouth, sharing the sweet gift before struggling to pull back from the delicious beast »Ty«

clarissa{S}> »§« feels a tremor dance through her as marbled peek loses the heat of ryn's mouth, a tortured whimper breathed as her fingers withdraw from fiery cavern, tongue flitting hungrily over honeyed finger before velvet lips share in carnal appetite, the faint sound of loss echoing as her sister backs away, leaving the creature neath fire's caress for her only warmth, emerald gaze filled with desire in silent plea »§«

sa`ryn{Ty}> »Ty« swallows deeply gazing again upon clari's delicate form, body jerks with the crashing kaska's, lifting upon toes, spinning away in fevered passion, heart pounding, letting out a cry of frustration, falling to curl within the sands, heated beast aching with desire and needs, trembling as she peeks again to clari then to her Master's furs, knowing only He can cure this ache »Ty«

clarissa{S}> »§« wraps slender arms to the blaze of belly, jade depths glistening from tears of longing, pearly teeth nurturing the quiver of cherried lip, sinking slowly into warm sands, a tiny beast cradling there in truest hunger, gazing upon the seductress who brought her to such a craving, then to her Master, a tender smile forming slowly, knowing soon their Masters will allow the release they both need so fully »§«

~La Kajira!~

Stunning performance, girls!


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