Our Congratulations

To the winners of


:: The Dance Festival ::

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners on their wonderful performances on the evening of, February 1st, 2003. Each and every one of the girl's brought to light an emotional and stirring dance and each and every one, revealing the inner beauty of La Kajira!

kamna{DWS}'s Dance - Advanced: Frist Place 


kamna{DWS} steps fearfully to the sand pit, eyes wide with fear and pain...the girl's heart broken, barely beating in her breasts and her face streaked with the tears of a thousand kajira...tears of love lost and deceit, of passion unfulfilled, of gnawing hunger that goes unmet

kamna{DWS} cups something precious to her breasts as she falls to a kneel, body trembling as she tosses her head back, a terrible keen rising from parched lips as she laments for her own death...then tosses her hands high, flinging frankincense, cinnamon, spikenard and myrrh into the air...bursting to flames and consuming the lost girl as the spices fall to the sand

kamna{DWS} slowly rises from the smouldering embers...a beast of red and gold feathers, wild golden hair that licks at the beast's body like flames...caressing its' self as it awakens, peering to the Kaverns with curious bright green eyes, a melodic song bursting forth from full ruby lips as she begins to stretch and move...the long slumber over

kamna{DWS} twirls and stops instantly, head tilted to the side as the beast hears a drum beat begin, the beat of the beast's heart falling in step with the primal lusty beat of the drums...then arches her back and begins to writhe to the drums, matching the beat of the drums with each swirl and leap of hungry beast

kamna{DWS} caresses herself in the re-awakening...the beast's hungers raging like fire in her as hands move over burning belly and hot full breasts, over full strong thighs that beg the attention of a Master...sweet sounds of love and lust reborn slip from her as she finds her senses reborn in the red and gold feathers of the Phoenix

kamna{DWS} leaps and soars rhythmically in the sands, driven by the lusty beat of the drums...the light of the torches dancing across red and gold feathers, setting the beasts hair and body on fire, a glittering whirl of color and brightness as she moves...the eyes of the Master's burning hot on the beast's body, drawing her to Them like a siren song as she senses their strength and power

kamna{DWS} leaps high into the air and cries out a wondrous song of a beast's passion unbound, of dreams to be lived and hungers explored...then lets out a cry of perfect passion and pain as the beast is struck by lightening, feathers bursting to flame to reveal a naked kajira, a kajira reborn from her own ashes

kamna{DWS} smiles, displaying a slave whose passion burns as bright as the sun itself...In Paradise, when thou wert born in the first rose, beneath the Tree of Knowledge, thou receivedst a kiss, and thy right name was given thee...kajira!

Congratulations, girl!

fala{MD}'s Dance - Advanced: Second Place


fala{MD} walks to the dance circle, eyes sparkling with excitement. A final step and she spins around, her chatka flaring out before nestling back against her thighs. A curtain of auburn locks swirls about her legs as she tosses her head, and light flashes off the bit of gold at her nose. She checks the knot in her koora, and then tugs at the kalmak that does not quite cover her breasts.

fala{MD} digs her toes into the sand, remembering the first time that she danced for Men. From the depths of memory, the heartbeat of drums swells to consume her with desire again and she raises her hands above her head to clap. Once...Twice...Three times. She moves to flirt with the flames and shadows dance on pale skin as her feet skim across the ground, the promise of paradise in her smile.

fala{MD} slides her hands along her body, beneath her kalmak to tease hardened nipples with her fingers. Her feet beat a pulse against the earth. Songs of enticement flow through her mind, and she begins to hum. She feels the coolness of the early spring breeze and the heated kiss of the fire behind her. Winter has ended and it is time for celebration. She smiles, knowing the honor bestowed upon her tonight.

fala{MD} drops her hands to her hips and sways towards the Men. Her hips roll in suggestive circles, the movements as fluid as warm oil poured from a jar. Silky locks are urged by the gentle wind to twine wantonly about her form as she sends a lazy, low-lidded glance at Master Barakkus. She leans toward him and reaches out to caress the air beside his face before she pulls back, as if torn from his grasp.

fala{MD} 's feet move in an intricate pattern in the soft grass around the fire. The beat of the tabor slows and becomes smoother, deeper. She responds to the drums as though to her lover's hand, stretching sensually before pivoting to face Master Loch. She looks at him, her full lips glistening as her tongue wets them. She feels the heat rising from her loins and glides forward to stand before him.

fala{MD} kneels at his feet, arching back until her hair pools on the ground behind her. She feels the need throbbing through her body and extends her hands towards him in a silent appeal as she slowly rises back to her knees. Shifting restlessly, she smells the heady fragrance of her own arousal, and sways towards Master Daleth, then away again. Looking at his stern face, she continues her search.

fala{MD} twirls into the circle of fire. The keening wail of a reed flute floats through the thunder of the drums. Weaving around the leaping flames, her breath catches in her throat as she again enters the darkness. She feels the deep recesses of her body become damp, and aching. Her hands rise high above her head in a sensual gesture; her body a taut line of tension, poised, needing her Master's touch.

fala{MD} searches for what her heart yearns for. The music grows wilder, and her body responds; muscles rippling. Then she freezes, Cloaked in shadows, ready to flee into the safety of the light until she realizes where her heart lies. She reaches vainly to bring the fire’s comfort to her, and then surrenders to sink to her knees before her Master, joy filling her as she finds her place at his feet.
~La Kajira!~


Congratulations, girl!

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