Our Congratulations

To the winners of


:: The Dance Festival ::

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners on their wonderful performances on the evening of, February 1st, 2003. Each and every one of the girl's brought to light an emotional and stirring dance and each and every one, revealing the inner beauty of La Kajira!

shadira{KK}'s Dance - Intermediate: First Place 



shadira{KK} stretches a lithe form, garnet nails drawn down the tender flesh of an inner arm. Elegant grace flowing as gold curls shimmer over creamy shoulders, sultry curves silhouetted by the flickering flames of lanterns. Slowly stepping from his furs; a quick glance to him offering the fiery display of a beast's soul. A hint of wildness glints within green eyes. Long legs extend to sway hips sensually toward the sandpit.

shadira{KK} draws near the sands, a primal growl emits from full lips, gentle sway of hips turning to the prowl of she-sleen stalking its prey. Muscles of firm ass tighten flexing with every movement. Her dark eyes glaze as fingertips trail over the plane of a quivering belly, rising upwards to cup firm rounded breasts, thumbs caress coral buds. Her steely gaze looks through those that watch a beast's evolution.

shadira{KK} loses focus, olive eyes seeing no one, feeling only the thunderous beat of a primal heart. Her toes curling into the sands, movements slow and precise, approaching the pole, slipping slender fingers along the rough surface of the wood, circling the pole. Seeing only him, the one that opens her heart, renewing the spirit of a slaves soul. Delicate fingers draw over his flesh as tongue darts to trace the path.

shadira{KK} draws firm globes of flesh against him, slowly circling his back, soft butterfly kisses caressing his strong muscles. He grips golden tresses, raping tender lips with a savage kiss, torment furls upon her brow. Memories of distrust and pain flow within, threatening to extinguish the fires his love has ignited. Sinking to the sands, a wave of turmoil ripping through a beast, stricken with the wounds of the past.

shadira{KK} curls up wrapping emotions deep within. A warmth unfamiliar to her caresses over the curve of her spine. A delicate chin is lifted as olive green eyes gaze up locking with deep brown orbs. Master's gaze draining the torrential past from within the shadows of her heart and soul. Embers of passion reignite as the natural curves of slaves flesh shimmer under the moons of a Gorean night.

shadira{KK} lifts from the sands, like a talendar as it blooms in the spring. Slender arms reaching up to caress the strength of his jaw as full lips steal a kiss. She draws from his grasp, the beast returns, tiny grains displaced as she falls to the sands. Caressing smooth shoulder to his leg, delicate fingers walking over his flesh, grazing strong muscles with garnet nails.

shadira{KK} lifts full hips arching the smooth curve of her spine. Only the heat of deep passions touch upon Master's flesh. Golden curls sweep through the sands as she falls back upon soft shoulders. Slender fingers splay to swirl over trembling flesh. Overflowing with need she lifts full hips, gently stroking the inner surface of creamy thighs. Dark olive eyes reveal the cravings of wanton need.

shadira{KK} moans as delicate fingers caress over heated flesh. She draws a trail over writhing hips and belly to the deep valley of cleavage. Pale flesh shimmers with the dewy mist of passion as hips lift offering her desire. Palms glide over marbled buds as movements cease. Velvet lids close as a guttural moan of desire begs for his use. ~la-kajira~

Congratulations, girl!

usha{SKY}'s Dance - Intermediate: Second Place

usha{SKY} hears the command, with a shrug glides to hollow belly, the once proud girl, now voided...the form approches with embers He has sparked...body prepares to meet His touch, or the whip..either at His whim, will make her tremble...standing, slips black silks over silks over sultry body..they float to the cool stones, smiling at Him, her eyes becoming confused, heart skips as she cannot find him...

usha{SKY} spins around the room...piercing eyes look to the faces...dropping to knees in the sand realizing He is gone...pounds fists in the sand once..twice..three times..looking up...the music whispering to her soul, promising... breathing hope into her...resolve to prove she is worthy sweeping through...pulls herself to tiny feet and begins dancing for herself...

usha{SKY} runs delicate hands down firm body...velvety skin a joy to touch....eyes harden....knowing she is alone once more...dances...movements begin to slow until barely swaying back and forth..a slave cannot dance for herself...a slaves need...to be Owned...to dance for Those that Own her...soft tears begin to dampen porcelain face...sliding to snowy knees once more..

usha{SKY} hands wrapped around empty neck...the music...insistently speaking to the slave's heart..promising she will not be alone..hazel eyes widen hearing the Voice.. commanding.. demanding.. soul awakens..belly burns..gently extends graceful arms..crossing delicate wrists high over lowered head..feeling the weight once more upon her neck.. trembling... leaping to tiny feet..spinning and twirling

usha{SKY} reaching a stool..flashing a saucy grin, eases upon it..sits with one firm leg crossed over the other, hands on voluptous hips, flirty hazel eyes smoldering..tossing sunkissed tresses to fall about her back..rocking back and forth..then hops down..pert breasts bouncing ..spins towards the Owner of her collar, the One igniting the fires of her burning slave belly..sliding to parted knees, grins up at Him and win

usha{SKY} catches His eye...the pole...His need says Be There...turns and reaches for the beam, slender fingers encircle it, casting looks around the room, eyes shining with joy, turns pressing back against the smoothness of the wooden shaft, sliding the curve of shapely bottom up and down over it, fingers trail over heated belly, firelight casting shadows along the lithe form, feels the power of being Owned in her soul

usha{SKY} savoring the joy of being taken..controlled..feelings of hope burn deep in the glowing yellow, eyes flashing as sable lashes part..joy making her reckless..grasping high on the pole as she jumps..pulling body up, long legs wrap about cool surface...treasure against the wood..open..needy as should be...wishing it were the Master of her heart, parting legs...sinks to the floor..curling into a ball

usha{SKY} something flickers beyond the light..His voice deep in her soul speaks to the kajira heart..He is out there, she is worthy...hips sway dancing enticingly towards Him..soul explodes with desire..she is loved, needed..controlled. His touch demands her submission, heart thumping hard within full chest, lays her moistened flesh to His boot, begging what she has always wanted..always needed..to be His.. His kajira

~La Kajira!~

Congratulations, girl!

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