The Koroban Kaverns Dance - "New year, new beginnings!" - A huge success for it's participants!!!

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners on their wonderful performances on the evening of, February 1st, 2003. Each and every one of the girl's brought to light an emotional and stirring dance and each and every one, revealing the inner beauty of La Kajira!

The first and second place dances can be viewed by clicking on the creators names, we invite you to view each glorious inspiration. 

The Dance Festival Winners are....


First Place - kamna(DWS) 
Second Place - fala(MD) 


First Place - shadira(KK) 
Second Place - usha(SKY) 


First Place - caro(dc) 
Second Place - desiree(KK)

Our heartfelt thanks to all the lovely dancers who brightened our evening!

niri{`A`}, lexah{D}, desiree{KK}, caro{dc}, gul`i`rana{D}, shadira{KK}, tendre{S1}, talya{GHR}, usha{SKY}, feiqua{LON}, loani{KK}, kamna{DWS}, fala{MD}, stahrr{KiSS}, lanaia{KK}

Our gracious thanks to two lovely girl's, clarissa{S} and sa`ryn{Ty}, for their exhibition dance! 

To Ashaia, our dance coordinator and hostess, a million thanks for her hard work and undying devotion to The Kaverns - we love you!
Once again we'd like to thank the Judges, Wanderer, Dia, Isgrimnir, Fox, and Savage for what is 'never' an easy job - Thanks Folks!
And finally to those Free and slave alike who helped make the dance worthwhile - our thanks for attending and making it the warm, fun evening it was!



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